Qdesk®-Our internationally-patented school desk gets high marks from teachers and students alike for Comfort, Safety, Durability& Practicality. The design was patented by LLC in Clearwater, Florida who saw an opportunity to replace cumbersome, unsafe, and uncomfortable traditional desks.

Award winning, innovative, patented Qdesk® Our Licensors, Qproducts LLC of Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A., have developed Qdesk®, an award winning, patented one-piece polyethylene school desk – a first of its kind anywhere in the world.



  • It complies with international standards for school desks.
  • It has soft contoured lines. It provides students the ideal sitting and writing support and maximum comfort for more than 6 hours per day,180 days a year.
  • It maximizes student’s comfort and safety and enables real learning to happen Durability and Maintenance Expected lifespan 10 years. It requires hardly any maintenance.
  • Our Qdesk motto: A student sits, a tree stands.
    It substitutes wood by polyethylene, contributes to forest preservation.
  • It is also fully recyclable at the end of its useful life.
    Its  exciting ergonomic design comes in a range of bright colors and sizes for both kindergartens &secondary schools.


  • Kindergartens
  • Secondary schools
  • All other educational facilities